Here’s Why Your Window AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

window A/C unit

Have you noticed warm air pumping out of your window AC unit lately? Is your unit failing to cool down your room? There could be quite a few different reasons for that.

First of all, make sure the outside temperature isn’t a factor. If it’s super hot out, you’ll need to give your window AC unit more time to cool down. If after 20-30 minutes there’s no difference in the air temperature, then there’s most likely a problem with your unit that needs to be fixed. Luckily, most of the fixes are quick.

  1. Check the thermostat on your unit. Make sure the temperature is set to be lower than the room’s temperature. You can test it by setting the temperature significantly lower and closing the door of the room. Wait at least 20 minutes and return to the room. If the room temperature still hasn’t dropped, then you definitely have a problem.
  2. Check the air filter. Is it clogged? A clogged air filter will cause your window AC unit to work inefficiently and prevent the cool air from flowing out. Clean it thoroughly and then try your unit again.
  3. Check for ice inside your unit. If the weather has been particularly hot and humid recently, the excess moisture in the air may have formed into ice inside the unit. Ice inside your unit will block airflow and thus prevent cool air from blowing. To fix this, simply open up your window AC unit and, if ice does exist, turn it off so it can defrost. You can speed up the defrosting process by blowing a hair dryer directly onto the ice.

Once you know the reason that your unit isn’t blowing cold air, you’ll be able to attack the root of the problem. The above quick fixes should take care of your problem and get your window AC unit back to pumping cool air efficiently and effectively in no time.

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