Listen to Goldilocks When It Comes to Furnace Size

“Not too big. Not too small. Just right.” That’s the guiding principle that Goldilocks taught us, and it 100% applies to furnace size. You don’t want your furnace to be too small for your property or else you’ll run into trouble heating up your space when the temperatures get low. You also don’t want your furnace to be too big, unless you enjoy uneven heating and paying an arm and a leg for utilities. For the perfect combination of effectiveness and efficiency, you want your furnace size to be just right.

This is where certified HVAC contractors come in handy. Not only can they perform furnace replacement and repair for you, but most will also advise you when you purchase a new unit to ensure you get the best fit for your home.

Learn how to calculate the proper furnace size for your home by heading over to

And you can read more about the problems of over-sized furnaces as explained by Reuben Saltzman of the StarTribune. 


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