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Air Purifier Sales in U.S. Just Keep Growing

According to a recent press release from TechSci Research, the United States air purifier market is projected to grow 10% annually between 2015 and 2020. Sales continue to climb as the national air quality declines due to widespread pollution. The

The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015 Means Good Things for HVAC Industry

On April 30, 2015, at around 3:00pm, President Obama signed the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act into law. Intended to provide incentives for cutting energy consumption in commercial buildings, manufacturing plans, and the like, this law will most likely be a huge boost

Is Mike Rowe the New Face of HVAC?

You probably know Mike Rowe as the host of Discovery Channel’s popular reality TV series, Dirty Jobs. On the show, Rowe works alongside employees whose jobs entail performing tasks and duties that many of us find disgusting. Past jobs have included “chicken

You Could Be Seeing New Standards for Energy Savings Soon

The Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) has proposed two new initiatives to update energy-saving standards. The first initiative, known as the “Delta Standard,” aims to specify a process used to calculate predicted energy savings in residential buildings. The second initiative

Adhesive HVAC Sensors Will Help Reduce Energy Waste

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a prototype for affordable wireless HVAC sensors. This could be an energy-efficiency game changer. Currently, it’s extremely difficult to monitor and control HVAC systems for

Beware of Fraudulent HVAC Professionals

A few recent news stories have proven yet again that you can’t trust as many people as you’d like to. In Portland, OR, and Zanesville, OH, HVAC professionals—or so they pretended to be—scammed honest homeowners out of thousands of dollars

Rise in Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Linked to Heavy Snowfall

If your region has been getting hit with a lot of snowfall lately, be careful: ill-placed snowdrifts could create a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home. According to the Bangor Daily News, there were 30 cases of carbon monoxide exposure

Carrier and Honeywell Announce Their Own Smart Thermostats

Nest is seeing more and more competition in the smart thermostat market. In 2014, two major corporations jumped on the smart-home bandwagon and announced their own line of smart thermostats. Carrier and Honeywell, both of which have been reputable, household names for

No, You’re Not Crazy. Air Purifiers Are Everywhere.

Feel like you’ve been hearing a lot about air purifiers lately? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. According to a recent report from TechSci Research, there’s been an uptick of air purifier sales in the United States, and the market is

Antimicrobial Air Filter Spray Makes A/C Systems Cleaner and Safer

Ever wonder why cold and flu viruses always seem to travel at lightning speed around the office? HVAC industry experts believe it’s caused by the fact that airborne bacteria and pathogens are circulated through the building’s air conditioning systems, which