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Here’s Why Your Window AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

window A/C unit

Have you noticed warm air pumping out of your window AC unit lately? Is your unit failing to cool down your room? There could be quite a few different reasons for that. First of all, make sure the outside temperature

Are You in Danger of a Heating System Failure?

Heaters aren’t perfect machines. No matter how well they’re engineered and installed, they’re prone to malfunctions and breakdowns when they aren’t properly cared for. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners don’t even realize that they’re not properly maintaining their heating systems, which can

Rattling Radiator? There Are Ways to Quiet It Down

In older construction—we’re talking most pre-war buildings—steam radiators were a very popular heating solution. However, as any tenant or owner of a property with radiators knows all too well, steam radiators can be rather noisy. All that rattling and clanging

Energy Bill Shock? Here’s How to Cut Down on Energy This Winter

With winter’s cold weather now in full swing, you might have noticed a slight uptick in your utility bills. That usually  happens to homeowners and renters around this time of the year. If you haven’t been thinking about insulation or

What’s Causing Your Noisy Boiler?

Do you hear a loud noise coming from your boiler every time the burner turns on? It sounds almost like a rumbling tea kettle, right? This happens to lots of homeowners who use a hot-water boiler as their heating system.

Having Refrigerator Problems? Call an HVAC Contractor

Did you know that many HVAC professionals are also available to help with refrigerator problems? The mechanisms involved in refrigeration are very similar to those involved in air conditioning, so many HVAC professionals are well versed in the inner workings

Having Furnace Problems? A Faulty Thermostat Could Be to Blame

Thermostats are responsible for controlling the heating and cooling systems in your home. That’s what makes them a likely culprit whenever there’s an issue with your furnace or air conditioner. If you’ve noticed that your heat doesn’t seem to be

Does Your Air Conditioner Smell Like Mildew?

This is an easy fix. Mildew-y smells emanating from air conditioners—specifically window units—is surprisingly common. After a few months of use, you might notice that your air conditioner smell gets stronger and stronger every time you turn on the unit.

Read This: HVAC Maintenance Tips from Angie’s List

Ever wondered what the rule of thumb is for deciding between a repair and a replacement? Want to know how often you should have your central air system serviced? If you’re looking for HVAC maintenance tips, check out the July

Can’t Keep Your Upstairs Cool? Try These Tricks

Are you finding that your upstairs is much warmer than the rest of your house, despite the efforts of your air conditioner? It’s a very common problem. Cool air wants to settle while hot air wants to rise. That’s why