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Is Your HVAC System Ready for Spring?

Today is the first official day of Spring! While it certainly doesn’t feel like Spring today in many parts of the country (Is that snow?!), warm weather is right around the corner. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got your HVAC system all

Air Conditioning Systems Are Main Source of Legionnaire’s Disease

Most HVAC contractors are aware of the dangers of Legionnaire’s Disease, but average homeowners may not be. Caused by the bacterium Legionella, Legionnaire’s Disease infects approximately 18,000 Americans per year. Most of the cases can be traced back to contaminated air

Adhesive HVAC Sensors Will Help Reduce Energy Waste

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a prototype for affordable wireless HVAC sensors. This could be an energy-efficiency game changer. Currently, it’s extremely difficult to monitor and control HVAC systems for

Are You in Danger of a Heating System Failure?

Heaters aren’t perfect machines. No matter how well they’re engineered and installed, they’re prone to malfunctions and breakdowns when they aren’t properly cared for. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners don’t even realize that they’re not properly maintaining their heating systems, which can

Rattling Radiator? There Are Ways to Quiet It Down

In older construction—we’re talking most pre-war buildings—steam radiators were a very popular heating solution. However, as any tenant or owner of a property with radiators knows all too well, steam radiators can be rather noisy. All that rattling and clanging

Beware of Fraudulent HVAC Professionals

A few recent news stories have proven yet again that you can’t trust as many people as you’d like to. In Portland, OR, and Zanesville, OH, HVAC professionals—or so they pretended to be—scammed honest homeowners out of thousands of dollars

Rise in Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Linked to Heavy Snowfall

If your region has been getting hit with a lot of snowfall lately, be careful: ill-placed snowdrifts could create a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home. According to the Bangor Daily News, there were 30 cases of carbon monoxide exposure

Avoid These Common Winter HVAC Problems

Without fail, the bitter cold weather at this time of year always presents homeowners and property managers with a series of winter HVAC problems. Of course, there are obvious issues when it comes to watching your energy consumption and costs,

Carrier and Honeywell Announce Their Own Smart Thermostats

Nest is seeing more and more competition in the smart thermostat market. In 2014, two major corporations jumped on the smart-home bandwagon and announced their own line of smart thermostats. Carrier and Honeywell, both of which have been reputable, household names for

Energy Bill Shock? Here’s How to Cut Down on Energy This Winter

With winter’s cold weather now in full swing, you might have noticed a slight uptick in your utility bills. That usually  happens to homeowners and renters around this time of the year. If you haven’t been thinking about insulation or